Team building

Working as a team is essential for many of the day to day tasks we come across, at AP Adventures we believe that if you can work effectively as a team anything is achievable. Our staff team have years of experience delivering team building challenges to various groups of age and ability. Whether you want to improve productivity, team communication, work force relationships or improve how your school classes work together, AP Adventures can help.


Bushcraft covers a wide range of skills including fire lighting with sparks or by friction, cooking on an open fire, shelter building, plant identification, cord making, finding and purifying water to name a few. As human beings we have a close link to the natural world so why not let your inner survivor come out on a Bushcraft session with AP Adventures.

Mountain biking

Mountain Biking Can be a great way to get fit or just explore new areas with a bit more speed than walking. The AP Adventures team have lots of experience in leading groups of all ages and abilities. So whether your looking to get your little ones to pedal on their own or take your family and friends on a guided ride in some stunning locations, AP Adventures are here to plan and deliver the your perfect biking session. AP Adventures can provide Bikes and helmets for all ages from Balance bikes to Mountain bikes.

Raft building

Do you think you could Escape from a desert island? Then why not try your hand at building an improvised raft, with extensive knowledge of knots and raft design the instructors can point you in the right direction without helping too much. Once your raft is constructed take to the water to test out your new creation.


The UK is home to some fabulous water ways and lakes just waiting to be explored. If you’re looking to take the family on a trip down a river with a picnic along the way or book an adrenaline fuelled white water experience, AP Adventures can make it happen.


Coasteering is an adventurous activity that takes place around the rocky coastline of the UK. It involves wearing a full body wetsuit, buoyancy aid, white water helmet and suitable footwear. Coasteering is a combination swimming, scrambling and jumping that take place along the base of sea cliffs, exploring gullies, caves, cracks and different rock formations created by the sea. Stopping on route to experience the rise and fall of the ocean waves and experiencing the movement of the swell in and around the rock formations.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular with people taking to the sport to develop muscle and core strength, if you’re an indoor climber wanting to get out on rock for the first time or a complete novice looking for a new experience. AP Adventures can make your experience perfect for you.

Intro to geocaching

Are you good at hide and seek? How about playing it with 15 million people and searching for over 2.8 million hiding places? If you answered yes, then geocaching is for you. It’s a great way to explore your local area whilst finding hidden gems along the way. AP Adventurers courses will teach you the basics of GPS units and all about how to get involved online. Geocaching is great for all ages and a fantastic activity to do as a family, so let AP Adventures help get you hooked.

Land sailing

The history of wind powered land vehicles can be traced back over 4000 years where they were used on the walls of an Egyptian tomb. The modern day sport of Land sailing was born around the turn of the 19th century by the Dumont brothers in Belgium. Since then yachts have come a long way and are now raced in a series of classes all over the world. The AP Adventures team are keen land sailors and can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours at the beach. So why not give it a go for yourself.

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